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Medicine Name : Kadcyla 100mg Trastuzumab Emtansine


Uses of Kadcyla Injection

Kadcyla 100 mg Injection is used in the treatment of breast cancer. It is used to treat certain types of breast cancer (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, HER-2) which have spread to other organs and have not responded to other cancer medicines.

Kadcyla Injection side effects

Side Effects of Kadcyla are Tiredness, Nausea, Musculoskeletal (bone, muscle or joint) pain, Bleeding, Low blood platelets, Headache, Liver disorder, Constipation, Nosebleeds.

How to use Kadcyla Injection

Your doctor or nurse will give you this medicine. Kindly do not self administer.

How Kadcyla Injection works

Kadcyla 100 mg Injection is an anti-cancer medicine. It binds to HER2 receptors on breast cancer cells and flags the cancer cells for destruction by the body's immune system. It also goes into the cancer cells to release a chemotherapy medicine (emtansine) and stop them from growing and dividing.